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Kiru Kitchen Slicer being used to cut a potato
Save 17%
$39.00 $32.00
Cut down the tedium of ingredient preparation by slicing, washing and draining your ingredients all in one go. This multi-purpose kitchen slicer leaves... Full details

Kiru Kitchen Slicer

Regular price $39 Sale price $32

Sagyo Mini Vacuum
Save 12%
$41.00 $36.00
A handheld vacuum that can be used to clean and remove dust and other small bits of dirt. Suitable for use on... Full details

Sagyo Mini Vacuum

Regular price $41 Sale price $36

Joki Mini Steamer
Save 20%
$84.00 $67.00
Forget the pain and tedium of ironing clothes with a regular iron. This handheld mini steamer will spruce up your clothes in... Full details

Joki Mini Steamer

Regular price $84 Sale price $67

top down view of all colours for Ganjo Chopping Board
Sold Out
$42.00 $34.00
Forget boring and old regular chopping boards! This amazing chopping board doubles up as a basin that can easily hold your chopped foodstuff. Once... Full details

Ganjo Chopping Board

Regular price $42 Sale price $34

Ronbun Soap Paper
Save 22%
$22.00 $17.00
This roll of soap paper can be brought with you anywhere to ensure that your hands stay clean at anytime. Simply mix... Full details

Ronbun Soap Paper

Regular price $22 Sale price $17

Bokkusu Tissue Box
Save 22%
$35.00 $27.00
A stylish tissue box that comes in three different colors. Fits perfectly into the aesthetic of the contemporary home and suitable for... Full details

Bokkusu Tissue Box

Regular price $35 Sale price $27

Haburashi Toothbrush Holder
Save 2%
$37.00 $36.00
A toothbrush holder that is able to hold numerous toothbrushes as well as all of your other toiletries. Each holder is able... Full details

Haburashi Toothbrush Holder

Regular price $37 Sale price $36

Tama LED Nightlight
Save 15%
$32.00 $27.00
A ball shaped nightlight with a calming and mesmerizing pattern. Comes with a stand and the option to use it wired or... Full details

Tama LED Nightlight

Regular price $32 Sale price $27

Jo Foldable Hangers
Save 18%
$27.00 $22.00
Sturdy hangers that can be folded. Great for keeping things organized and even better for travel. Designed to ensure blouses and tops... Full details

Jo Foldable Hangers

Regular price $27 Sale price $22

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