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About Us


It all began seven years ago when three strangers from Singapore, Malaysia and the UK found themselves living together in an apartment at the start of their university studies in a foreign country. Whether it was a stroke of fate or pure luck, Brandon, Kelsey and Sharon immediately hit it off and quickly grew to become steadfast friends. Throughout our time living together, we would find ourselves buying little things for our humble abode, whether it was a stylish cushion, a cute plate or even innovative kitchen appliances to cook and bake together. We loved living in their little apartment. It wasn't spacious, nor was it in a good location, but it was a place we could call a home.

At the end of our university studies, the three of us, now ready to return to our individual home countries, reluctantly went our separate ways. Years passed, but we never forgot the time we spent together in our home. The three of us frequently kept in touch with each other and the inevitable fond memories and nostalgia would always pop up when we were talking. One day, an idea was floated by Brandon, that the three of them should create an online store that would help others make their house a home, and find the same happiness they did when they were living together. Thus, after months of planning, Homaeri was founded. 

Rather than think of ourselves as a homeware & home decor store, we like to think of Homaeri as a lifestyle store. Our aim is to promote a lifestyle where someone can eventually return to a home and not just a house, and our offerings are the manifestations of this aim. If you enjoy our products, feel free to reach out to us to let us know via our social media accounts which can be found at the top and bottom of the site. Your feedback and satisfaction is always our top priority, and we absolutely love hearing from our satisfied customers!



The name Homaeri is a mixture of the word "Home" and "Okaeri". Okaeri is a term that means "Welcome home!" in Japanese and we thought that the combination of these two terms would be a fitting name for our online store. We hope to help create a welcoming sanctuary for people to return to after a long day and to foster the Homaeri lifestyle in the homes of others.

The Homaeri lifestyle is all about creating a contemporary home that someone can be comfortable in. We chose to use the acorn as our logo due to its symbolic nature. Since ancient times, the acorn has been a symbol for life, health and growth. A home isn't built overnight and it takes time to make a home your own. Our design philosophy aims to do just that and we refuse to give up either form or function. All of our products were designed with a minimalist approach that aims to merge style and convenience, and we hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed creating them. Grow your house into the ideal home for you with the Homaeri lifestyle.

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