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InMotion V13 Challenger


Key Features


**Please note: If you are ordering first batch you get your wheel as soon as possible, however, first batch EUCs may have early issues. If you have any issues arise with a first batch wheel our warranty will take care of you, but service may be slower than normal for due to limited early parts availability.**

Are the kings ready to be de-throned? The Inmotion V13 Challenger is here to challenge all the reigning big wheels for the title of Ultimate EUC. The biggest motor BY FAR at 4500W, an insane top speed of 90km/h, kick to the face torque at 300Nm (221lb-ft) and suspension that is removable! 

Now take the above specs and add them to the modular design for snap simple repair work, layers of safety features which we will discuss below, a massive 22” tire, that famous Inmotion LCD touchscreen, roll bars, adjustable included power pads and true fast charging (2.5 hours is possible) and you have an electric unicycle that is truly revolutionary. 

Until now the Veteran Sherman Max has been held as the gold standard for touring wheels, but its detractors always pointed out the lack of suspension and torque that could be much punchier. Thanks to its future-forward design, the V13 Challenger can be the EUC that YOU want it to be: long range cruiser, suspension trial shredder, high speed demon - this is your wheel and you decide how you ride it. Go ahead and challenge yourself. (See what we did there)

  • Speed: Wow. A shocking free spin of 140km/h gives you a spec top speed of 90km/h. NINETY. With current speed records on EUCs hovering in the low 90s you now have the possibility of such speed right off the assembly line. Luckily, Inmotion is giving us a massive 22” wheel to handle all that juice!
  • Power: Until now Begode has always been the power champion. But nobody has come close to 4500W cranked out underfoot. Do you like torque? How does 300Nm sound? To put that number into perspective, a Tesla Model 3 has 409Nm. You have 3/4 of the torque of a Tesla. Just think on that for a hot minute. 
  • Range: 3024Wh is not the biggest battery on the market, but is a significant jump for Inmotion and you should be able to easily exceed 100km no matter your riding conditions. 
  • Battery Technology: With big batteries comes big responsibilities and here is where Inmotion is excelling. A truly smart BMS has the capability to monitor each individual cell which makes diagnostics pin point accurate. The BMS also has proper cell balancing technology to extend your battery life and accuracy of charge is now down to 3%. Inmotion also introduces their Triangle Communication System which provides constant communication between each battery pack and the motherboard.
  • Suspension: Customizable independent air shock suspension with dampening to give you the comfortable and safe ride you deserve. But. But! The suspension modules are removable! Simply take off the suspension on each side and bye bye bounce! This is part of Inmotion’s overall modular concept with the V13.
  • Display: That famous LCD touchscreen is back! Bright, bold and app-free!
  • Design: If you know an EUC technician then you know an EUC technician that despises working on certain wheels (not naming names here, that’s what the forums are for). It truly looks like the designers at Inmotion have taken to heart a lot of rider feedback by creating an easy to work on EUC. Tire change in 30 minutes? Inmotion says so!
  • Controller: Dubbed the Raptor, the V13 controller is a three layer (there’s that modular again) design that incorporates clean wiring, waterproof connectors (the entire controller is IP55, not waterproof in itself), and contains 42 MOSFETs rated for a nominal 200 volts (58% more than the V13’s peak voltage). This allows for 1000A of continuous current which gives you absolutely astounding acceleration and braking ability. 
  • Safety: The BMS has a redundant protection mechanism meaning if one component monitoring charging fails there is a backup that will instantly take over. This is similar to the redundant hall sensor system. Independent hall sensors means that in the case of one failing you have another one ready to prevent a cutout. Failures happen in all technology and it is nice to see the Inmotion engineers stepping up and implementing so many features to keep riders safe in the off chance of a component failure occurring. 

With beastly specs, next-gen electrical technology, repair friendly design and a bevy of redundant safety features we are truly impressed by Inmotion with their latest outing and can’t wait to see the community out exploring the world on such a revolutionary electric unicycle. 

Pre-Ordering will get you a cool $700 off so get ready to Challenge the electric future on an Inmotion V13! (See what we did there again)



Top Speed 90km/h
Range ~200km
Power 4500w
Peak 10000w
Voltage 126V
Battery 3024Wh
Suspension Yes
Charger 5A
Dual Ports Yes
Max Grade 45°
Weight 110lbs
Motor Hollow
Full Charge 6hrs
Clearance Variable
Pedal Size Spike
Max Load 265lbs
Tire 22"x3" 
Brakes Regen
Handle Yes
Lift Protect Yes
Size (in)


Headlight Yes
Brakelight Yes
Signals Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Seat Extra
Pads Yes
Fender Yes
Kickstand Yes

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