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Segway GT2 Superscooter

$3,199.00 $5,499.00

Key Features


One glance at the Segway GT2’s OLED display will tell you all you need to know - the future of electric scooters has arrived. Already one of the worldwide leaders in personal electric vehicles, Ninebot Segway has given us a product that is destined to be the template for everyone else to follow. Incredible professional grade build quality, best in class acceleration, a bevy of redundant safety features, 15-level adjustable dual hydraulic suspension, top end speed and range - and that display. Oh that futuristic display!

Previously known for their lineup of easy to ride commuter and recreational electric scooters, including the famously near indestructible G30 MAX, Ninebot Segway has leapt into the performance scooter arena swinging full force. Ask any electric scooter rider what they want and at the top of every list is one single thing: quality. With the GT2 Superscooter we are finally seeing what years of development in the electric scooter industry has come to. 

Here at eevee’s we are extremely proud to be offering the very first Segway GT2s in North America! We have a very limited first batch arriving so you will want to get in while you have the chance and be among the first riders on the planet of this scooter that is poised to be the bridge to the future of electric transportation.

Here is what the Segway GT2 brings to the electric revolution:

  • Speed: Max out at 70km/h. The GT2 is not the fastest overall on the market, but it is currently the holder of fastest acceleration with a blistering 0-48km/h in only 3.9 seconds!
  • Range: Up to 90km if riding below 20km/h. Race mode, boost, off-road, and inclines will cut into the range but you can still expect up to 50km per charge in Race mode. 
  • Power: Dual 1500W motors that peak at a total of 6000W provide absurd torque and acceleration - you better be holding on. 
  • Battery: A whopping 1512Wh (30Ah) 50.4V battery. The GT2 uses ternary polymer lithium batteries for improved charge cycle performance, increased cold weather efficiency and high output to power those massive motors. Cooling is provided by a HeatFlux Multi-layer Cooling System and the advanced BMS has 10 protection functions to keep your battery healthy and safe for years. 
  • Display: If you weren’t excited yet, check out that PMOLED display! With shades of video game heads up displays, this incredible transparent display truly is the future. Revolutionary in every sense, all your important information is here, including a power meter, highly incremented battery bar with percentage and is bright and visible in all conditions.
  • Braking: Front & rear hydraulic dual piston disc brakes on large 140mm rotors to prevent overheating. 
  • Suspension: Front double wishbone hydraulic, rear tailing arm. Both the front and rear have a ridiculous 15 levels of dampening adjustment for the ultimate in customizable comfort.
  • Water: All water resistance ratings tend to differ in real world conditions. Segway is giving us a rating of IPX4 for the body (splash resistant) and an amazing IPX7 for the controller - arguably the most important part of your scooter.
  • Tires: 11” self-healing tubeless tires will keep you riding longer and trouble free. Given Segway’s reputation for tire quality we have no doubt these tires will be nearly impenetrable.
  • Lighting: A 900 lumen headlight comes close to automobile brightness. Couple that with a daytime running light, highly visible front and rear turn signals, active rear brake light AND customizable atmospheric party lights and you’ll be the talk of the town during your night rides. Plus you’ll be visible and safe - that's important too! 
  • Traction control: Segway’s brand new Dynamic Traction Control system (SDTC) is not something usually associated with electric scooters. This electronic traction control system will automatically adjust the torque between the front and rear motors depending on riding conditions (such as on slippery surfaces or gravel, sand, or trails). Note: SDTC will turn off in Race mode.
  • Security: Long live Sentinel Mode! This sure to be industry standard feature going forward is a true anti-theft game changer. Engage Sentinel Mode when you pop in to grab a coffee and the wheels will not move. In fact, they will actively work against the person trying to roll off with your baby all while emitting increasingly frequent loud beeps. Most excellent!
  • Optional speaker: You can get an add-on speaker (sadly not yet available from eevee’s) which will allow your scooter to make 4 different vroom vroom sounds! Or, you can just listen to your music instead of pretending to be one of The Jetsons.
  • Burnouts: Yup. You can engage the brakes and the throttle at the same time. For all you burnout freaks out there, give it a go - we know you want to. 

If you are someone who wants the best, the Segway GT2 Superscooter is what you need in your life. There are faster electric scooters on the market. There are longer range electric scooters on the market. But there is nothing - nothing - that comes even close to the overall quality and design of the GT2. 

Simply stunning both in terms of design finish and build quality it also can not be touched in terms of its ride quality either. The elegance of this future forward scooter is the new bar for all electric scooters. It’s time to either catch up or fade away. 

Be a part of the evolution of the electric revolution - Superscooter your way to the electric future on a Segway GT2. 

**Segway GT2 Not Available For Same-Day Local Delivery**

**For a $25 setup & package recycling fee we will fully assemble your GT2 so you can ride it straight out the door!**

(Assembly option for in-store purchase or local pickup only)

Test Rides: While we encourage customers to take a test ride on all of our scooters, we are unable to allow test rides on the Segway GT2. This is due to a number of reasons regarding liability. The sheer power of the GT2 is very overwhelming and may cause riders to lose control causing serious injury. We are also located in a fairly traffic congested part of Vancouver and there are no areas nearby that are appropriate for riding a scooter as powerful as the GT2. Lastly, as the GT2 is the fastest device in our lineup, and currently one of the fastest production electric scooters in the world, no matter what device we would be riding with you, we simply would not be able to keep up if a rider decided to go full throttle. As we have been the victim of theft in the past, this is unfortunately a case of one bad apple spoiling the party for everyone.

While it may be difficult to commit to such a large purchase without trying it first, we can tell you is that it is on full display for you to see, touch, and discuss with us in-store. And, after selling out our first batch to extremely happy riders, we know you too be completely satisfied with everything the Segway GT2 Superscooter will bring into your life!


Top Speed 70km/h
Range 90km
Power Dual 1500w
Peak 6000w
Voltage 50.4V
Battery 1512Wh
Suspension Hydraulic
Charger 2A x2
Dual Ports Yes
Max Grade


Weight ~100lbs
Motor Brushless
Full Charge 8hrs
Display PMOLED
IP Rating IPX4/7
Max Load 330lb
Tire 11"
Front Brake Hydraulic
Rear Brake Hydraulic
Folding Yes
LED Strips Yes
Size (in) 50x26x49
Headlight LED
Brakelight Yes
Signals Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Seat No
Kickstand Yes

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