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Veteran Abrams

$2,299.00 $4,499.00

Key Features



From a historic classic to a modern classic. Just as the US Army progressed from the war winning M4 Sherman tank to the M1 Abrams, Vetera is moving on from the classic Veteran Sherman to their next game-changer in the EUC battles - the brand new Veteran Abrams. Known for combining incredible performance and build quality while pushing safety to the forefront, Leaperkim is once again telling the other players to get out of the way. 

While it’s yet to be determined if the Veteran Sherman is officially retired, there are so many reasons to move on with your life and get on an Abrams. After listening to the EUC community, Veteran has given us all kinds of goodies that have long been awaited. Tires, pedals, batteries, water ratings, fast charging, MOSFETS! Let’s breakdown why you need a Veteran Abrams in your life.

  • Power: A whopping 3500W motor that is 1000W greater than on the Sherman. With the Abrams having a 22” tire, this huge power upgrade makes sure you still have even more torque available than on the Sherman.
  • Speed: With a top free spin speed of 100km/h, we can reasonably look at a top speed of in excess of 70km/h, and probably up around 80km/h.
  • Range: Sure sure it’s a little less than the Sherman provided, but seriously, you still get around 130km of real-world range.
  • Battery: 2700Wh made up of Samsung 21700 50E cells. A little smaller than the Sherman, but the introduction of the 21700 cells means true fast charging is now supported. 
  • Tire: 22” inches of knobby glory is yours out of the box. And - it’s tubeless so you’ll have less chance of flats and can lower your PSI for a more customizable ride. This is the first time this configuration appears on any EUC.
  • IP65 Rating: A sealed bearing ring and waterproof connectors means wet weather doesn’t shorten your riding season. And don’t sleep on the dust rating either. Stop worrying about dust ingress to key components after days of hard trail riding. 
  • Pedals: Sitting an inch higher than the Sherman, the Abrams oversized pedals will give you that extra clearance you’ve been looking for. Plus, out of the box you get not just studded, but spiked pedals for extra grip.
  • Fast Charging: Capable of 12A or 15A charging means you can safely pump your wheel full of juice in just a few hours. This is one of the key benefits of moving to the larger 21700 50E battery cells.

The Abrams comes with some smaller, yet very significant, electronic upgrades over both the Sherman and other wheels. Moving to a 12 MOSFET controller allows for easier heat dissipation and less chance of cutout due to overheating. Electrical connectors have been customized to be ultra-stable to prevent loose connections during rough terrain riding. The twin battery packs are completely sealed and are easy to access from side panels. When combining the modular batteries with easier accessibility to the motor and pillar connectors, the Abrams looks to be making any needed maintenance as easy as possible. 

Other features will include an ultra-bright 2500 lumen 25W headlight that is both angle and brightness adjustable. Rear automatic turn signals. The sturdy trolley handle from the Sherman. Classic Leaperkim rollbars. A top-mounted LCD panel displaying speed, battery voltage, mileage, battery level. A BMS preventing overcharging, overdischarging & short circuits. Plus a low battery alarm at 75.6V and tilt back at 74.5V. 

Veteran has given you every reason to become an electric unicycle army of one. Storm the electric future on a Veteran Abrams.


Compare Models

Top Speed 80km/h
Range ~130km
Power 3500W
Peak 6500W
Voltage 100.8V
Battery 2700Wh
Suspension No
Charger 15A Max
Dual Ports Yes
Max Grade 30°
Weight 97lbs
Motor Brushless
Full Charge 3h @ 12A
Clearance 7.09"
Pedal Size 10.4"x5.7"
Max Load 265lbs
Tire 22" Tubeless
Brakes Regen
Handle Trolly
Lift Protect Unknown
Size (in) 24.5x8.5x26"
Headlight 25W 
Brakelight Yes
Signals Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Seat Available
Padding Yes
Fender Available
Kickstand Yes

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