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Veteran Sherman-S


Key Features


**Please note: If you are ordering first batch you get your wheel as soon as possible, however, first batch EUCs may have early issues. If you have any issues arise with a first batch wheel our warranty will take care of you, but service may be slower than normal for due to limited early parts availability.**

**Please select between receiving a 1st or 2nd batch Sherman-S, and which suspension type you would like. 62lb suspension (recommended for most riders) is a stiffer suspension and is for riders above 175lbs (80kg). 58lb suspension is a softer suspension and is for riders below 175lbs (80kg).**

The venerable Veteran Sherman is ready for its suspension close up! Not willing to let the electric unicycle world pass it by, Leaperkim has jumped into the suspension wars full force giving us a boatload of upgrades from what many consider to be the best EUC ever made and combining it with a robust fork suspension designed by Fastace.

Always known as one of the best long range cruisers, the addition of highly tunable suspension makes the Veteran Sherman-S a truly luxurious ride. You get a powerful 3000W high torque motor, the same long range 3600WH battery as the Sherman Max, centre mounted suspension with 90mm of travel and rebound control plus a whole host of other premium upgrades. 

The Veteran Sherman line has always been known for its reliability, ease of repair, and robustness of build. The Sherman-S will combine this history with all the modern upgrades you could want to give you a truly premium ride experience. Here’s all the details you can look forward to:

  • Speed: Not the fastest wheel out there with a free spin speed of 100km/h, you can still creep up on 80km/h, or top out at about 5% faster than the Max. And your high speed riding will be even safer thanks to the addition of the suspension helping smooth out the unexpected bumps in the road (or trail).
  • Power: Coming in upgraded from the previous Sherman generations (8% more torque than the Max), you now get a 3000W high torque beast. This will give the Sherman-S more than enough power to take even the heaviest riders where they need to go. 
  • Range: 3600Wh is one of the largest batteries on the market and the Sherman has always been known as the long range warrior. Crank out an easy 100km and more on a single charge. Leaperkim is using 192 Samsung 21700 50E cells in a 2 set, 24 series, 4 parallel array. A new feature Leaperkim is introducing is Low Battery Mode. Using this mode allows you to drop the low voltage alarm to 72V from 78V and the low voltage tiltback to 69.6V from 75.6V. Be warned that repeated usage of the Low Battery Mode will shorten the lifespan of your batteries. 
  • Suspension!: This is what we are all here for! Designed by Fastace, known for their motorcycle and high performance scooter suspension systems, we are getting a centre mounted fork suspension with 90mm of vertical travel. Get in there and customize your ride with 12 levels of compression adjustment and 18 levels of rebound adjustment. And there’s more! 12mm of pre-load adjustment too! Veteran Sherman + suspension - what else do you want!? Also - pick your type! there will be 2 suspension types available: 
    • 62lbs - recommended for most riders, this is a stiffer suspension and is for riders above 175lbs (80kg)
    • 58lbs - this will be a softer suspension and is recommended for riders below 175lbs (80kg)
    • Display: An updated large screen gives you all the usual data plus even more than on previous Shermans. 
    • Controller: The brain of any EUC is the controller, or driver board. Here is where you need extreme quality and reliability for confident and safe riding. Leaperkim has given us a double layer controller using 24 TO-247 MOSFETs rated to 125 volts and 680A max current. Same as on the Sherman Max, there are dual power sources from the battery so in the case of one battery failure you are not risking a catastrophic cutout.  
    • Let’s blast through a host of other goodies: 
      • Seat: Integrated into the wheel
      • Handle: Surprise! It’s part of the seat. Lift and you shall see!
      • Pedals: Look-y here - adjustable length (50mm) magnesium alloy pedals.
      • Lasers: Yes, lasers. Your rear turn signals are red lasers projected on to the ground.
      • Mudguard: Rear integrated comes standard. 
      • Reinforced wider rim: Gone are the days of the soft Sherman rim. 
      • Magnesium shell: Stronger protection for the batteries and internals. 

    Everyone has said for years, oooh I just wish the Sherman came with suspension. Now, after a year of development it has arrived! Whether you’ve been putting off purchasing your next wheel, or have been wanting to dive into the EUC world for the first time, the Sherman-S will be the perfect wheel for nearly every rider out there.

    Pre-Ordering will get you a cool $300 off so get ready to bounce your way to the electric future on Veteran Sherman-S!

    PS - we mentioned the lasers right?


    Compare Models

    Top Speed ~80km/h
    Range ~232km
    Power 3000w
    Peak 7000w
    Voltage 100.8V
    Battery 3600Wh
    Suspension YES!
    Charger 5A/15A
    Dual Ports Yes
    Max Grade 30°
    Weight 97lbs
    Motor Brushless
    Full Charge 3-8hrs
    Clearance ?"
    Pedal Size (in) 5.1x11-13
    Max Load 265lbs
    Tire 20"x4"
    Brakes Regen
    Handle Trolly
    Lift Protect ?
    Size (in) 22x28x8
    Headlight 2000lm
    Brakelight Laser
    Signals Yes
    Bluetooth Yes
    Seat Yes
    Padding Yes
    Fender Yes
    Kickstand Yes

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    • Hang to dry.
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